Little Love Co Flowers

Chocolate & Cyclamen Gift Box


A beautifully packaged gift box filled with a handmade Adixions ‘Cocoa Rouge’ Chocolate and a flowering cyclamen plant.


Please note: the colour of the cyclamen plant and the flavour of the chocolate may vary from the image pictured.

All blooms are freshly handpicked from the markets by a trained florist. Your bouquet will grow as each bloom opens to its potential.

Place your flowers in a cool room away from direct sunlight, radiators and draughts. For longer lasting flowers, change the water and trim the stems every second day. Remove any faded blooms to encourage buds to open.

Please note, we do NOT deliver on Sundays*. Any orders placed for delivery on a Sunday will be delivered on the following Monday.

*Except Mother’s Day Sunday.

Total: $0.00

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