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Orchid Plant | LUXE Ceramic


Phalaenopsis Orchids (commonly called the Moth Orchid) add colour and luxury to any space with their large, showy and long lasting blooms. For the easy care, health and well-being of your gift, we highly recommend adding a We The Wild Orchid Care Kit to your order.


Phalaenopsis orchids should only be watered once the potting moss becomes dry to the touch. By touching the potting medium you'll know if it’s dry give your plant some water—otherwise leave it be. Never let the water touch the plant’s leave. Orchid plants should never be left to sit in a pool of water as this drowns the roots and eventually leads to root rot. Allow the plant 10-12 hours of filtered daylight.

Images are for example only, as every LLCo design is bespoke. The images you see are of real orders made for our clients, we photograph in natural light and use minimal editing to showcase the natural beauty of our work.

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