At Little Love Co our family of in-house florist's pick of the best seasonal flowers of the day, to create magical creations to help you portray the emotion you are wanting to send.
Here is a brief description to help you choose a colour scheme best for your occasion. If you would like something specific please do not hesitate to contact the studio directly to let us know how we can help create what you see in your mind.
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True Autumn colours are warm and rich.

They are probably the most recognizable colours from the season of the year that they are named after. These are literally the colours of autumn leaves — gold, burnt orange, reds, yellows, deep pinks, grasses, berries, sunset colours and golden browns like the changing season.


Green & White

A crisp elegant colour palette.

A classic white and green arrangement is elegance at it's finest using blousy focal flowers, textural fillers and a mix of green foliages help create a beautiful, fresh design.


Think delicate and pale in color.

A soft-hued mixed of pastel tones using subtle colours such as blush pinks, baby blues, lilacs, apricots, whites and creams. Often mixed with complimenting magnolia, blue gum and soft green foliages.


Dark & Moody

The distinctive dark and moody with hints of light tones.

A delicious infusion of reds, deep pinks, nearly-black purples and burgundies mixed with blush pinks and crisp whites to create a striking arrangement.


An exquisite palette full of energy and life.

A scrumptious mix of contrasting colours like hot pinks, striking reds, lime greens, vibrant oranges, bright blues, deep purples and pops of yellow.


A hybridization of native Australian and South African flowers.

A jaw-dropping arrangement of in season blooms like proteas, local leucadendrons, beautiful banksias, cute billy buttons as well as blue gum, textural filler flowers and grasses. Sometimes a local rose or similar will be added for texture and softness when the occasion needs it.


Florist Choice

When you don't know what to choose, leave it to the experts! Our fully trained in-house florist will pick the best seasonal flowers of the day, chosen specifically to complement the emotion you are trying to portray to your recipient.