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Cyclaman Plant - Hat Box


Ruffled petals with lush green variegated leaves, the Cyclamen plant is a favorite winter flowering plant. Presented gift wrapped in our signature hat box these plants make a beautiful little gift. 

Cyclamen care

• Cyclamen like a cold, humid environment. They are best suited to the outdoors in a shaded position. They will tolerate being indoors, just remember to keep them cool. Ideally, 20° or cooler during the day and 10° or cooler at night.

• Cyclamen like a balanc of water - they don't like to be too moist, but they also don't like to be completely dried out. It is best to sit the pot on a shallow dish of water and let the plant absorb what it wants, then let the excess water drain away. Cyclamen suffer from root/crown rot if too much moisture gets onto their leaves or around the base of the stalks. 

• Only fertilize once every one to two months with water soluble fertilizer mixed at half strength.

☆Can be harmful to pets if high doses are ingested☆

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