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Flamingo Flower (Anthurium) Plant - Luxe Ceramic


Anthurium has large, glossy deep green leaves, even without flowers, it makes an attractive indoor plant. However, it is its 'flowers' that draw attention, ranging from green right through to deep shades of deep, chocolaty purple! 

Fun fact: What you think are the flowers are not in fact, true flowers! The large coloured leaf-like part is known as the spathe. The flowers themselves are very small and insignificant, and develop on the central yellow or cream 'spear' known as the spadix

Medium indirect light

Sub-tropical to tropical; grown as indoor plant in cooler climates; frost intolerant.

Only water sparingly, only when top 5cm of soil/mix is dry; do not allow pots to stand in water - this will cause rot. 

Long-term controlled-release fertiliser every six months

 ☆Toxic if ingested☆

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