Little Love Co Flowers

House Plant - LUXE


Turn your space into a living jungle with our LUXE house plants! When we say LUXE we mean it, these plants are lush and stand 1.5 metres or taller and come beautifully presented in a natural straw weave basket!


Style them how you please, in a corner as a stand alone feature (because their that fabulous) or add instant bulk to your urban jungle!


We have fiddle leaf fig and giant white bird of paradise plants, both of which are easy to care for. 


Brifgt Indirect light


Water when the soil is dry to the touch - these plants also love a misting every now and then


Organise houseplant fertilizer once a month from Spring to Autumn 


Other potted treasures are available in store. Orders for custom designs are always welcome, just give us a call on 08 8363 7443.


Images are for example only, as every LLCo design is bespoke. The images you see are of real orders made for our clients, we photograph in natural light and use minimal editing to showcase the natural beauty of our work.

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