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L'Ossigeno Skin Care Range


Connecting Science, Technology & Medicine with Cosmetics

For an added bit of luxury to any bouquet send her a Fine Exfoliating Marble Scrub, a Regenerating Deep Cleanser, a Daywear Cellular Defence Cream or all 3 for a grandeur gesture.


The L'Ossigeno product range is formulated with a unique and exclusive combination of Oxygen Ozone ions that ensures protection of the skin from oxidative stress.

Oxygen is essential to our organism. It is transported by the bloodstream from the breathing air to the cells, where it is used for metabolic processes. The physiological conditions of the individual (age, pathologies, habits, lifestyle) determine the oxygenation of the skin.

L'Ossigeno has a patented device for producing a perfectly balanced combination of Oxygen and Ozone, which acts on the cells as an “antioxidant” substance, despite its “oxidising” nature.

L'Ossigeno products act effectively by restoring the cellular metabolic balance, favouring the physiological reaction to endogenous/exogenous agents and the natural absorption of the active ingredients.

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