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Neve - Orchid Plant


A white orchid symbolizes innocence and purity, as well as elegance and reverence. What a way to tell someone you are thinking of them with a peaceful, feminine face ceramic vase with a towering 2 stem white orchid plant.


Phalaenopsis orchids should only be watered once the potting moss becomes dry to the touch. By touching the potting medium you'll know if it’s dry give your plant some water—otherwise leave it be. Never let the water touch the plant’s leave. Orchid plants should never be left to sit in a pool of water as this drowns the roots and eventually leads to root rot. Allow the plant 10-12 hours of filtered daylight.


Please note, we do NOT deliver on Sundays*. Any orders placed for delivery on a Sunday will be delivered on the following Monday.

*Except Mother’s Day Sunday.




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