Looking for natural sources of endorphins and relaxation?

There’s nothing better than knowing that our home is our safest sanctuary, and what better way to make it a more comfortable living space than by decorating it with plants.  Having plants at home not only makes your environment a safer place to live in, the can improve your emotional and mental health.

In this blog we talk about the benefits of having indoor plants and how they can lift your mood and improve your health.


Decrease Levels of Anxiety

Being around plants for long periods of time allows us to feel more calm and relaxed. Have you noticed how the colour green improves our mood right away? Psychologically, the colour green creates a calming effect that relaxes and soothes someone’s nerves. Imagine having loads of greens in your home and being surrounded with its ethereal warmth. 

Plants Give You a Taste of Nature

It’s no secret that being in nature and the outdoors gives us a sense of peace. However, not all of us are blessed with an abundance of time to regularly go for  a hike and appreciate the natural beauty of nature. To avoid missing out, place several plants in different spots in your home. 

They Can Help You Heal Faster

There is strong evidence that the healing effects of nature scenes manifest within 3–5 minutes as a result of a merging of psychological, emotional, and physical changes. According to one research review, hospitalised people who had a view of plants or trees were calmer and had better clinical outcomes, including need for pain medication and a shorter hospital stay,  compared to those who didn't. Exposure to plants also reduces blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

Plants Improve Productivity

Since plants lessen a person’s stress levels, it is only natural that it, in turn, improves one’s productivity. With plant exposure, you are able to better concentrate and accomplish more tasks than usual. According to a study carried out in the Netherlands and the UK, bringing plants into a working environment increased productivity by 15%.  It also improves your creativity because with lesser stress, you are able to think with more clarity and generate interesting ideas to explore



How do Plants Purify the Environment?

Plants can benefit your health - and it isn't just possible when they are rooted outside,  Bringing plants indoors can actually improve the quality and health of the air that surrounds us.  Plants use photosynthesis to purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. We, as humans, take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, but plants do the opposite. Oxygen is one of the most important elements to having clean, breathable air. Therefore, having plants in your home can increase your exposure to clean air



Plants are good for health and gifting a plant to someone sends a message that you care about their well being.  Not to forget that plants are good purifiers that can keep the surrounding environment in your room pure and oxygenated.
Little Love Co has a range of beautiful plants that can be a long lasting gift.  This also makes for a distinctive kind of bond between the receiver of the gift and the plant.  Also, your gift will always remind them of you whenever they see it and take care of it.