Little Love Co Flowers

Bromiliade Aechmea Fasciata | House plant


A potted plant is the perfect gift to say ‘I am thinking of you’ - great on a side table or next to a floor lamp to create a striking feature in any home or office space!

The Bromeliad Aechmea Pink is a unique conversation starter with its  bright, long-lasting flowers are sure to make a statement. The blooms on these bromeliad flowers last up to six months and lend a laid back, staycation vibe to any home or apartment. Even when not in flower, the waxy coating on the wide leaves creates an eye catching two-toned effect. Bromeliad Aechmea Pink plants are actually epiphytes, a type of air plant, and therefore develop minimal roots and derive nutrients from the air and rainfall.

Please note that pots may vary from those pictured.

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